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Automatic Soap Dispenser Mounting Types

  Before selecting which automatic soap dispenser you will purchase, it is very important to take some things into consideration. One of the first things to consider before buying an automatic soap dispenser, is where you will put it. The two most common types of automatic soap dispensers are wall-mounted and countertop. The terms are pretty self-explanatory, a wall-mounted soap dispenser mounts directly onto a wall or surface, while a can sit on almost any flat surface.

Surface Mounted Soap Dispensers

There are many advantages to selecting a wall-mounted soap dispenser. The first advantage is that it creates space on your countertop. Soap dispensers can be found in many places most commonly restrooms and kitchens. Regardless of where you're choosing to place your soap dispenser the odds are high that it will be next to a sink. No matter where you're sink is located or what type of environment it is in, you can never have enough room. Mounting your soap dispenser on the wall creates that extra room that is often greatly needed.

Another wonderful advantage to mounting your soap dispenser on a wall or surface, is that is permanently attached and can be stolen. Depending on the environment this can be an essential need. Wall mounted soap dispensers are highly recommended any area that sees a large amount of traffic. Depth of your soap dispenser can eliminate a valuable asset and cost money for you.

Countertop Soap Dispensers

A countertop soap dispenser can be a wonderful addition to your restroom or kitchen. Often times countertop soap dispensers can present many advantages and that a wall-mounted soap dispenser can't. One of the main advantages to a countertop soap dispenser is the convenience. Due to their relatively small size they can be placed anywhere that you need, the only requirement is a place to set them.
Another great advantage to countertop soap dispensers is the price. Commonly they are cheaper than any other type of soap dispenser and can be found in a wide variety of environments.

Deck Mounted Soap Dispensers

Depending on the environment the room you have you may choose to actually mount your soap dispenser directly into your account. This mounting option is the ultimate in space-saving and some advantages the other mounting types can provide. Counter mounted soap dispensers can also hold more soap than another, because the container is stored underneath the counter.




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