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Effectiveness of Foaming Hand Soap

  With all of the foaming hand soaps on the market today, it can be overwhelming sometimes to choose which is the best. Have you ever wondered if there is one type of soap is any more effective at cleaning or contains antibacterial properties? Well, let's consider the facts about the effectiveness of foaming hand soap.

Antibacterial Properties

Foaming hand soaps created with Benzalkonium chloride are considered the most gentle and safe for use as a cleaning agent. These sabotage her hands effectively and also kill germs for up to three hours after washing with them. Alcohol-based soaps also kill bacteria and harmful germs, provided they meet the minimum requirements of at least 60% alcohol.


Foaming hand soaps can be very effective at cleaning hands and do kill many germs, which can prevent people from becoming ill. The foaming action provides better coverage to the entire surface of the hands faster and more easily than many other types of hand cleaners. They also require the use of less water to function effectively.


Foaming hand soap dispensers are not as messy as other types when it comes to washing. They do not clog our trip because of the gentle foaming action. The soap requires a specialized dispenser designed to create foaming soap, which then spreads very effectively.




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