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Soap Buying Tips

  When buying soap or hand sanitizer for your automatic soap dispenser, one of the most important factors that you should keep in mind is to buy a soap that fits your needs. Always read the ingredients to make sure that the soap you select does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins.

Generally, soaps made through the cold process techniques are preferred because they retain glycerin. Glycerin is a natural byproduct of the soap making process. Soaps rich in glycerin have been proven to be excellent at moisturizing skin.

Soap Selection Foam Soap or Liquid Soap
Foam is basically derived from liquid soap. It is a form of liquid soap that has been whipped with air to make it lighter and much more "bubbly". Liquid soap is generally much more concentrated. Both foam and liquid soap are effective and efficient cleansers, even though liquid soap is more concentrated than foam.

Both types of soap are commonly used for hand washing. Because of his versatility, liquid soap is also commonly used for dishwashing and many other household cleaning applications. Both liquid and foam soaps can contain antibacterial are antimicrobial additives, along with a variety of perfumes and moisturizers.

Foam soap is considered by some to be more environmentally friendly than liquid soap because of its inner consistency, which is less likely to clog drains. It is also recommended that if you would like to cut down on environmental waste, by your liquid are foam soap in large quantities, this will reduce the amount of used empty containers that you have to throw away.

Advantages of Liquid Soaps

  • Liquid soap greatly reduces the exchange of germs between users. Since no one touches the soap, it has a very little, if any chance of spreading germs.
  • Liquid soap is also very convenient to use.
  • Liquid soaps create a much richer lather, this is one of the factors that people prefer over your standard bar soaps.
  • Liquid soaps contain a much lower ph level than and Is much gentler and suitable for most people with sensitive skin or skin allergies.
  • Liquid soaps are able to retain more than 30% of the skin's natural moisture and often help to moisturize dry skin.

Advantages of Foam Soaps

  • Foam soaps are more affordable than regular soaps.
  • Savings incurred will quickly cover the cost of the dispenser.
  • Require less lather than regular soap, which equals less wasted water.
  • Foam soaps produce greater lather which results in a thorough coverage of the hand.



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