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Foam Soap Dispensers


Palmer Automatic Bulk Foam Dispenser SF2150

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The Palmer Automatic Bulk Foam Soap Dispenser SF2150 is a great cost efficient unit that features some of the best touch-less activation technology on the market today. This soap dispenser has a 1000 mL refillable reservoir and accepts most. The refillable reservoir is easily removable, making filling, cleaning and maintenance very easy.

To prevent waste and save you money, and consistently dispenses one .7 mL drop at a time. The container assembly and mechanism are 100% separated to prevent any damage from soap. This dispenser operates on four C cell alkaline batteries for up to 50,000 cycles and has a light that indicates when the battery is low.

The SF2150 is available in three colors; Black, White and Platinum.

  • Crafted From Extremely Durable ABS Plastic
  • Touch Free Sensor
  • Capacity Of 2000 Ml
  • Operates On For "C" Batteries
  • Indicator Light

Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser Starter Kit SF305/F7125

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This automatic foam soap dispenser provides a thick luxurious foam and delivers just the right amount of soap each time is used with the Santa says refills. This extremely durable, plastic soap dispenser is extremely efficient and is surface mounted. They can literally be mounted anywhere.

This surface mounted soap dispenser is water and leak proof and can be installed in almost any environment. It can even be placed in shower areas. This unit is designed to dispense .4 mL per use. This soap dispenser is powered by six "AA" batteries and can deliver soap for over a year, which is about 45,000 shots.

The SF305 is available in three colors; Black, Transparent Smoke and Ice.

  • Surface Mounted
  •  Available In Three Different Color Choices
  •  Touch- Free Sensor
  •  Powered By Six AA Batteries





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