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How Does Hand Soap Kill Bacteria?

  Using hand soap while following good hand washing habits will help rid your hands of bacteria and help assist in reducing the spread of illness. Throughout the day, bacteria has numerous opportunities to accumulate on the surface of our hands. Your body encounters bacteria each time you touch another person, touch money, pet and animal, handle raw meat or even grab a doorknob. Each time you use the toilet or change a diaper, bacteria has the chance to get on your hands or even under your fingernails. If you touch any contaminated surface and then rub your eyes, mouth or nose before washing your hands, you run the risk of spreading bacteria to yourself and others.

Breaking Down Bacteria and Germs

water alone is not usually able to penetrate the oils and proteins that naturally occur on the surface of our hands. Without using soap or hand sanitizer you are offering a safe haven to bacteria, protecting them from being rinsed are rubbed from the surface of your hands and killed.

Using a surfactant, such as hand soaps, reduces the surface tension of the water. This allows the dirt and bacteria to be temporarily suspended above the surface of your hand. The oils that are found on your hands that do not normally dissolve when you use water become dispersible wants hand soap is added. While the bacteria is suspended above the hand surface, they can be easily rinsed down with water and killed.

Proper Hand Washing Technique

It is always important to wash with hand soap to kill bacteria after using the restroom or changing a diaper. Also before feeding, eating, before and after touching meat. Wet your hands with very warm water just before applying the hand so. Add soap and work it into a lather for at least 20 seconds. Always rub the front and back of your hands all the way up to your wrist, between your fingers and under your fingernails. Then rinse your both of your hands thoroughly with warm, running water until all hand soap and bacteria are removed.




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