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Adjusting an Automatic Soap Dispenser

  Automatic soap dispensers are a very convenient way to remove dirt, grime and even bacteria. Hands-free dispensers use a sensor to indicate when to dispense an allotted amount of soap or hand sanitizer. The timing on the dispenser can be adjusted so that more are less gel or foam is emitted. This is useful when realized that an adequate amount of soap is not being dispensed each time. On many units available in the market today, you can adjust your soap dispenser with a timing knob inside the dispenser housing.


  • If the dispenser is powered by an AC adapter, unplug it.
  • Remove the four screws and the control cover on the side of the dispenser  tank using a screwdriver.
  • Turn the dispenser dial are knob to adjust the amount or timing.
  • Now replace the controller cover, be very cautious not to pitch any cords.
  • Using your screwdriver, insert the four screws you removed earlier and tightened.



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