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Hand Sanitizer Vs. Soap

  It seems as though every day there is a new cold or flu virus spreading throughout our communities. Understanding the differences and importance of hand washing and hand sanitizers can help protect our health.

Soap and Water

According to studies done by microbiologists. Washing your hands with soap and water can remove about 90% of bacterial microbes. Just 10 seconds of hand washing can be enough to remove the troublesome bacteria. Soap acts as a surfactant, it actually lifts the bacteria away from the hands to be washed.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol are a good choice when hand washing is not an available option. But, hand sanitizers do not necessarily kill whatever specific germs are on your hands. Removing the germs with washing is usually your best option.

How to Properly Use Hand Sanitizers

Apply enough sanitizer to completely wet your hands. Rub all over your hands for a minimum of 25 seconds. Do not touch anything until the applied hand sanitizer has dried. Once your hands are visibly dry, then you soap and water to clean. Hand sanitizers work best under conditions where hands are already relatively clean, such as the time between hand washings.




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